Catching Boners: The Cost of Banning 6 Porn Sites in Lebanon

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Angie Nassar

Child sex abuse is a terrible evil that we should devote countless resources and strategies to tackling, but the issue raised by the Telecom Ministry’s decision to ban six porn sites this past week after a Lebanese man was arrested by Interpol in the UK for molesting a child, is tied to much wider implications than access to lurid material online and “protecting” our children from it*. This is an issue that expounds on the continued abuse of power by a government which indiscriminately enforces the law, and has demonstrated time and again a reckless disregard for its citizen’s rights, liberties and basic human needs.

These are the same people – part of an elite plutocracy which runs the country – who, despite clear and repeated objections from citizens, have given the ok to bulldoze through a residential neighborhood and pave over 10,000 square meters of gardens to make way…

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Decoding the Draft: The Effect of Height on Draft Position

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I have something of a vested interest in researching how NHL teams view short players, and to what extent any height bias is warranted. In recent years, a number of the Winterhawks’ most prolific players have been on the shorter end of things when drafted. Sven Baertschi (5’10”), Brendan Leipsic (5’8″), Nic Petan (5’8″), Oliver Bjorkstrand (5’10”), and Derrick Pouliot (defenseman, 5’11”) all come to mind.

There are a number of intriguing perspectives on teams’ motivations for preferring tall players, and whether they are justified. This Arctic Ice Hockey question post aggregates a number of observations from members of the analytics community.

(When I was introducing my dad to this project (he’s an NBA fan), he pointed out, “Teams like to draft the player with the most potential. If you draft the small guy and he’s a bust, there’s not much you can say. If you pick the big player, at the…

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